It’s now or never MIGHTY people! Last day has come to get your shirt!

HUGE thank you to everyone who’s come through and supported the campaign so far.  We appreciate you.

And for those of you still holding off: we hope you’ll take a minute to scope out your closet for something that has supported a local artist, a young person in need and has a polar bear in a pom-pom beanie peeking outta your pocket.

Just sayin’.


MIGHTY x Twice As Warm

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*drum roll please*

Dear Mighty People,

After months of planning, we’re stoked to introduce you to our new campaign, Twice As Mighty, brought to you by some of the mightiest people in the game:  local non-profit, Twice As Warm + local artist, Kris Stith!

One of the reasons we’re so proud of MIGHTY is that its given us the platform to support our friends who we’re not too shy in saying are some of the most talented folks in the business.

We asked our buddy Kris to design this *limited-edition pocket shirt* and of course, he killed it.


Each purchase will be matched with a donation to a homeless, abused or runaway youth in DC.

But make moves fast!  This shirt is only gonna be around for 7 DAYS - after that, you’re out of luck!

You folks have been so good to us and we are so thankful.  This campaign is dedicated to you - the mighty people.

Big Hug,

MIGHTY x Twice As Warm x Kris Stith

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MIGHTY is going places, just watch.

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of helping our friends, Pat and Brian at Submerge, an eight-day pop-up art & music event at historic H Street in D.C.

We bumped elbows with some great, young artists:  DECOY, a legendary mural and graffiti artist based out of DC; Sarah & Samantha, two bright young photographers who just started a photobooth company; and Andrade, a spunky six-year old who was less than afraid of showcasing his crayon portraits around the big boys.  Of course, MIGHTY made a couple appearances.

If anything, meeting all these up-and-coming artists got those wheels turning in our heads.  We’ve been thoroughly inspired and can’t help but feel that our big break is pretty close on the horizon.  Mighty is in a good place, a real good place.  You’d best be keeping an eye out:  some crazy, crazy ideas are in the making.


The Weight of Objects is an ongoing series about objects people hold close. If one object represented you, what would that be? a shattered skateboard. dad’s coat. old pictures. It’s an interesting question. Our friend Rachel had to do this for an interview she just had. Click the picture or link above to view the series. It’s done very well.

What we’re asking with Mighty is - if you had one adjective to describe yourself, what would it be. And once you figured out what word that is - how do you become it?


This is the first place we went after printing our stickers. It’s low key one of the greatest neighborhoods ever because its not hip in the way that other neighborhoods are hip. Something is always going on in the art or fashion scene, but it’s also heavily influenced by Japanese and Japanese-American culture. There’s a kimono fabric store, Pop Killer, American Apparel and sneaker store all within a Los Angeles concept of a block - translation 15 minute walk. The food is on point. Describing the pork ramen, chicken teriyaki combo at daikokuya and the food coma that ensues isn’t worh it. This has already been a big enough tease - you ought to see it yourself. Come eat and sticker with us.